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Formula is Expensive!

How much can you afford to pay each month to feed your baby?

  • Average cost of formula for 1 year: $3,000
  • That comes out to about $250 per month!
  • Cost of Breastfeeding successfully for a year:  Free

Breastfeeding education and support is affordable:

  • The Breastfeeding Without Fear Workshop through Breastfeeding Utah: $50
  • Personal Lactation Consultation through Breastfeeding Utah: $30-$65

What could you do with an extra $250 a month?


Research shows that breastfeeding is the healthy way you to feed your baby.  Breast milk supports the immature immune system of your baby, protects against the development of allergies to food and other substances, and encourages healthy gut flora essential to a normal digestive system.  Breastfeeding also reduces your risk of developing breast cancer.


Do you know the risks of formula feeding?  Studies show that babies who are formula-fed are at increased risk for:

  • SIDS
  • autism
  • asthma
  • obesity
  • type 1&2 diabetes
  • eczema
  • gastroenteritis
  • severe lower respiratory tract infections
  • lower cognitive development
  • lower IQ
  • developmental delays


Formula is NOT the next best way to feed your baby.  It is the 4th and last option you have to feed your baby:

  1. Breastfeed without supplementation (best results for baby’s health and mother’s milk supply)
  2. Express your own breast milk and bottle feed, skin-to-skin
  3. Acquire breast milk from another well-screened lactating mother and bottle feed, skin-to-skin
  4. Bottle-feed formula, skin-to skin

Formula is not only expensive, but it can contribute to many health problems for your child.

Breastfeeding is the normal, healthy option for feeding your baby.  Human babies deserve human milk whenever possible.


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