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Crystal, Salt Lake City, UT

Crystal, Salt Lake City, UT

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I met Wendy while we where at a get together for pregnant mommas. When I met her, I knew right away that she was my doula.  After going over my birth plan with her,  I realized that I wanted a home birth!   But, because I was 36 weeks pregnant,  that didn’t leave us much time, so we got to planning right away.   A couple of weeks later, she met with us to go over the details of the birth plan and outlined what to expect the day of the birth.  By the time she left, my husband and I felt as ready as ever and we were very excited about the birth of our baby girl.

The birth day had arrived and knew at that moment having Wendy as my doula was the best decision I had ever made. She showed everyone how to do the shoulder presses and the hip presses and different ways to assist with the surges. She made everyone that wanted to be involved, a big part in the birth. I was in labor for 26 hours and the last 10 hours where the hardest. She was there every step of the way singing my birth song with me, reminding me to relax, saying words of encouragement and making sure I was drinking plenty of fluids.  My labor was very very hard, the baby was military position (face first) and my hymen never broke, this led to 3 hours of hard labor. In the end, because it didn’t go exactly like I had “expected,” I was having a lot of doubts and feeling very unsure of the experience.

On the 3rd day, Wendy came for a postpartum visit to see how things where going. I had been struggling with breastfeeding and couldn’t get our little one to latch on. She showed us several different feeding positions until we found the perfect one and stayed until we had it down and could do it ourselves. While she was there she shared with me her perspective of the birth.  She told me how amazing I was and how strong I was. Her re-telling of the experience brought a very beautiful and positive change in my perception of the birth. It was a story of strength, beauty, and love and it washed away any doubt I had been feeling. It made me realize how strong of a woman I am! I felt like a birthing warrior and there is nothing I can’t do!!

Although I had only known her for a short time, she has had such a huge impact on my life! I am so grateful I chose Wendy as my doula and couldn’t imagine having anyone else there for my future home births!!  -Crystal, Salt Lake City, UT