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Doula Services

Birth Doula Services:

As a certified hypnodoula, I am trained to use hypnosis to help a mother re-program her brain to eliminate any fears she may be harboring. I use light touch massage, counter-pressure, rebozo, and essential oils to support a woman whposition: absolute; ile she labors. I utilize deep relaxation techniques to help release endorphins and oxytocin to help the mother relax before, during, and after her labor and birth.

I also feel strongly about the father’s role in the birth of his baby. Sometimes we forget about the father and focus all of our attention on the mother. We must remember that he is about to have a baby too, and should be integral in the birthing process. I will help the father be the birth companion that he wants to be and take over for him when he is hungry or fatigued.

Basic Birth Package: $700

  • Free initial phone consultation
  • Phone, text and email support once hired
  • Your doula will be on call, 24/7 from 38 weeks until your baby is born
  • One prenatal visit: includes optimal fetal positioning techniques, discussion and practice of labor-support techniques, and birth plan consultation
  • Continuous labor support: As soon as you decide you need her, your doula will come to your home, or can meet you at your birth location.

Postpartum Doula Services:

One area of motherhood that I feel particularly passionate about supporting is the postpartum phase. There are so many resources available to pregnant, laboring, and birthing women. The first few days after a woman has a baby, she is surrounded by the support of midwives, nurses, friends, her husband or partner, and others.

But after a new mother’s two-day stay in the hospital and a week of meals dropped off by caring neighbors, a mother is often left to fend for herself and her new baby. During this time the mother’s hormones are changing rapidly. Establishing breastfeeding can be difficult; even painful. The mother and father are sleep deprived. If there was any trauma in the labor or birth, the mother is left to process it on her own all while trying to maintain a house and keep her new baby thriving. If there are older children in the home, they can often feel ignored and lonely as their mother recovers and spends most of her time with the new baby. Many times, the father is unable to get more than just a few days off of work to help with the adjustment. It can be hard for a woman to ask for help when she needs it most.

Mothers that give birth to twins, multiples, or babies with special circumstances or disabilities may be in need of even greater support.  A postpartum doula is trained to help families make a smooth transition into parenthood when these circumstances are present.

As a postpartum doula, I specialize in supporting families during the postpartum phase. I consider my work with new mothers extremely rewarding and one of the most important aspects of my work as a doula.

Postpartum Doula Service Package

Services  are $60 for the first hour, if breastfeeding consultation is needed

$35 per hour, each hour thereafter

Placenta Preparation and Encapsulation Service:

Almost all female mammals, even herbivores,  instinctively ingest their placenta immediately following birth.  Ingestion of the placenta helps bring in your milk supply, and it helps your uterus contract; reducing the time it takes you to heal after birth.  Most importantly, your placenta is full of hormones that, when ingested, are some of the safest and most effective anti-depressants you can take to combat postpartum depression!  It is also one of the only anti-depressants you can take while breastfeeding!

I am certified to prepare your placenta and  encapsulate it to ingest in pill form.

Dried, encapsulated preparation:  just $200 ( Please add $25 if you choose to have me pick-up and drop-off your placenta)

 Wendy Doula Scarletts's birth

Testimonials from Clients

From Kayleigh:

“I absolutely loved having Wendy as my doula. She has initiative and is very loving and supportive. She has a lot of knowledge and knows what to do with it. Her passion for childbirth and education are absolutely infectious. She actually introduced me to my paradigm of intuitive and natural birthing and I’m so grateful she did. She will always speak up for the truth and is confident and experienced. She brings so much to every birth she attends and is steady as a rock. You won’t regret inviting her to be a part of your birth experience!”

From Brad:

“Wendy was one of the doulas that my wife and I had at our birth of our first daughter. Wendy was so amazing to have there at the birth. She was fun to have there and talk with while labor progressed. When labor got more intense, she was a strong support not only to my wife, but to myself as well. Wendy was able to take over counter pressure when I couldn’t, and she was able to get drinks and snacks as they were needed. She is so knowledgeable in the skills and techniques that a doula should have! I would not hesitate to hire Wendy again. She is an amazing woman, mother, and doula!”


Wendy Doula Scarlett