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Breastfeeding Without Fear Workshop

Learn to breastfeed BEFORE you welcome your little one!

This is your chance to take a fun and informative workshop to learn about and practice breastfeeding techniques before the big day arrives.  If you are prepared with some basic information before you give birth, your transition into breastfeeding will go much more smoothly.

Just $50 gets you the Breastfeeding Without Fear Workshop.

In this workshop, you will learn the anatomy of the female breast, the anatomy of your baby’s mouth, the composition of human breast milk and it’s impact on the health of your infant, the basics of a good latch and suckling, common problems in breastfeeding, and effective ways to prevent and treat breastfeeding  issues.  You will also be given time to practice proper breastfeeding techniques with our specialized breastfeeding models and equipment, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers that you need to be successful!

Attention Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas! Do you need a breastfeeding class for your certification?   Or, do you simply want to be able to better support your clients as they establish breastfeeding?

Sign up for the Breastfeeding Without Fear workshop today!   

Workshops are offered monthly at our location in Orem Utah.

Call me for specific dates and times:

(801) 896-7733

Your chances of establishing the kind of breastfeeding relationship that you want are much higher if you understand the basics of a good latch, how to tell if your baby is getting enough to eat, what potential issues you should watch for, and how to resolve many of those issues on your own.

After you give birth, and if are still struggling to breastfeed, don’t worry!  Your Breastfeeding Utah instructor can come to YOU to help diagnose and resolve many breastfeeding issues.  Call to schedule your lactation consultation today!