Helping mothers and babies grow together


Mission Statement:

Breastfeeding Utah will provide comprehensive, affordable breastfeeding education, convenient breastfeeding support, and postpartum care to the mothers that we serve.


We believe that breastfeeding  is the normal, healthy way to feed your baby.  We empower women to trust their bodies and their babies as they establish this once-in-a-lifetime relationship with their little ones.  We strive to educate women before the births of their babies through our Trust Breastfeeding Workshop offered monthly.  We will teach mothers what they need to know to breastfeed successfully the first time their little one latches on.  We also know that sometimes mothers need extra support after their babies are born.  We will be there to work with you through a variety of convenient lactation consultation service options.  We will empower you and give you the skills you need to breastfeed with confidence.